Local Locksmith Aylesbury (ELLA) is a locksmith company that resides in Aylesbury and provides lock and key services to the folks in Aylesbury and the immediate neighboring towns. We have grown our expertise and locksmith knowledge over many years and have advanced into a fully fledged locksmith company offering all the conventional locksmith services as well as more advanced services for residential and commercial interests.

The average person in the UK will need our service at least twice a year. This may seem like a statistic that doesn’t have much effect on your life but trust us when we say that the few times you will need our service, they will be emergency situations with high stress. These often fall on holiday and summer months.

This makes a lot of sense because it’s at such times when there is a lot of travel to and from kith and kin. You can be highly stressed when an accident happens in a situation where you have been put in charge of games, food, family presents, party etc. the accident may mostly revolve around the inevitable prospect of misplacing your car keys, losing keys to the party home, or locking your car keys inside the car that you need to use to get to the family gathering. This can be especially stressful when you have been invited to meet your future in-laws.

Since you will probably need our emergency or auto locksmith service at least twice a year, you should probably save our contact details so that you don’t get stressed up before meeting your in-laws or arrive late for that crucial interview or conference. At Locksmith Aylesbury, we are all rounded locksmith and we deal with all types of residential, auto or emergency locksmith services. This is an advantage to you because you can hire us for several services at once and get a discount. There are some locksmiths that deal only with safes, residential or commercial. We have specialized on all types of locksmith services and therefore this is your one-stop shop.

At Locksmith Aylesbury, we have a team of professional and well trained locksmiths who know how to deal with all types of locks including deadbolts, knob locks, mortise locks, chain locks, digital locks, key card locks among others. We are also licensed with all the relevant bodies and our work is insured. This means that any damage to your property is compensated.

We have a dedicated team of customer care representatives who work 24/7 ensuring that you have an ear that will respond to your emergency, residential or commercial situation is taken care of. We do key duplication, replacement, repair, door unlocking, key pad programming, unlocking of car doors among other services.
To get the best locksmith service in Aylesbury think about the locksmith companies available in your locality from the top of your head, you will realize that the company which tops that list is the Local Locksmith Aylesbury (ELLA). This is because we have a great reputation that precedes us.

You wouldn’t want to deal with a locksmith that you don’t know. Locks are small devices but they play a huge role in letting people in or out of your activities. It’s a great security consideration to know your locksmith.

If you are new in Aylesbury, you can ask your friends on the best locksmith companies in Aylesbury and they would recommend you to us. Call us and we will send a locksmith to replace the locks with the most up to date varieties. The fee will only cover the service and not your call or the transport expenses of getting the locksmith to you.