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Lock Fitting

We at Local Locksmith Aylesbury (ELLA) comprehends that your residence is your castle and so you would like to have the uttermost feeling of security when you are within its walls. That’s why our lock fitting technicians will replace your door locks whenever you move into a new home to enhance the feeling of security.

At Locksmith Aylesbury, our locksmiths will give you the peace of mind when you are in your home. If you move in to a new house and feel that the installed locks are beautiful and maybe you wouldn’t want to change them but still want security, we can install additional locks into your doors.

We deal with all types of locks including digital, deadbolt and mortise locks among others. One popular lock type is the deadbolt which can be opened from the inside using a turn knob. This allows the homeowner to gain access to the home using a key when they are outside but once they get in, they only have to shut the door and the lock would be engaged. This lock is very effective especially if the doors are far from the windows. Our locksmiths would advice you not to install such locks in a door that in near a window because if the glass is smashed a burglar can just open the door from outside.

Another type of lock that we deal with is the knob locks. This type can only be opened and locked with a key. However for the best security, you can use a combination of both knob locks and deadbolts.

The most popular type of locks however is the door chain locks because they have been used in so many movies. This type of lock can also be very effective tools for enhancing security but they need to be used with other lock types. The chain locks that we install have strong and short chains so that if there is an intruder, they won’t be able to reach their hands in on the lock and disengage it. This type of lock is effective in allowing small opening of the door when receiving mail or other packages without allowing full entry into the house.

Other types of locks we deal with include the key-card locks and padlocks among others.

At Locksmith Aylesbury, we have an office in Aylesbury and also have a website where you can view the kind of job we do and read testimonials from our satisfied customers. You can then get free quotes that are non-obligatory for your consideration. We have a 24/7 customer care unit and you can call at anytime if you need our lock fitting Aylesbury service and a locksmith would come fix your doors with the latest lock upgrades.